Pedro Pascal’s Drunken Acceptance Speech at SAG Awards

Pedro Pascal’s recent win for male actor in a drama series at the SAG Awards has been making headlines, not only for his exceptional performance but also for his drunken acceptance speech. Despite not expecting to win, Pascal took the stage in a slightly inebriated state, admitting he thought he could get drunk as he didn’t anticipate winning after Kieran Culkin’s previous victories.

During his speech, Pascal expressed his gratitude for the honor and humorously struggled to recall the names of his fellow nominees. His emotional thank you to his family was cut short when he humorously announced his impending panic attack and exit from the stage. This moment was just one of many memorable occurrences from Pascal this awards season, including a fake feud with Culkin and a joke about an injury caused by the fellow actor.

The rivalry between Pascal and Culkin has been playfully escalating throughout the awards circuit, with each actor taking humorous jabs at the other during their acceptance speeches. Despite the competition, Pascal has shown his appreciation for Culkin and even joked about making out with him as revenge for their ongoing banter.

Fans of Pascal can look forward to his return in the upcoming Season 2 of “The Last of Us,” which is set to go into production this year. However, the show’s return to HBO is not expected until 2025, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating Pascal’s next award-worthy performance.

Overall, Pedro Pascal’s SAG Award win and subsequent drunken speech have solidified his status as a talented and entertaining actor to watch. From viral moments on stage to playful rivalries with fellow actors, Pascal continues to captivate audiences both on and off screen. As he prepares for the next chapter in his career with “The Last of Us” Season 2, fans can rest assured that Pascal’s charisma and talent will keep them eagerly awaiting his next award-worthy moment.

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