PlayersTV’s ‘No Media Show’ with NBA Champ Jason Williams & Comedian Jerry Morgan

PlayersTV, the go-to platform for sports lifestyle, culture, and entertainment, is excited to announce the launch of their latest original series, The No Media Show presented by Ford. With a stellar lineup of athlete owners and investors from the NFL, NBA, WNBA, and MLB, such as Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, and Dwyane Wade, PlayersTV is revolutionizing the sports media landscape.

Hosted by NBA legend Jason ‘White Chocolate’ Williams and popular comedian Jerry ‘Bubba Dub’ Morgan, The No Media Show aims to provide fans with a fresh and unfiltered perspective directly from the athletes themselves. Through engaging discussions, untold stories, and plenty of humor, this groundbreaking program challenges traditional sports media narratives.

Williams, known for his mesmerizing skills on the court, brings a wealth of experience and charisma to the show. With his NBA Championship under his belt, Williams promises to captivate audiences with his unique insights and infectious personality. Complementing Williams is the witty and humorous Morgan, who adds a dynamic flair to the show, ensuring viewers are entertained from start to finish.

The No Media Show is all about empowering athletes to reclaim control over their stories in the media landscape. By providing an authentic platform for athletes to share their narratives, the show aims to cut through the noise of traditional media and connect with fans on a more personal level. Each week, viewers can look forward to new episodes featuring special guests and insights into the lives of athletes beyond the headlines.

Join PlayersTV on this exciting journey as Williams, Morgan, and a lineup of special guests tackle the biggest topics in sports and beyond. Don’t miss the premiere of The No Media Show exclusively on PlayersTV, with new episodes dropping every week. Visit PlayersTV for more information and be sure to follow along for an inside look into the lives of your favorite athletes.

PlayersTV is a leading athlete lifestyle network that offers fans unparalleled access to the lives of professional athletes. Through original programming, documentaries, interviews, and more, PlayersTV connects viewers with their favorite athletes on a personal and inspiring level. Stay tuned for The No Media Show, the show that challenges the norm and brings raw authenticity to sports entertainment.

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