President Biden’s Statement on Passover

Passover, a holiday commemorating the Exodus story of the Jewish people from Egypt, holds a profound message of endurance and faith in the face of persecution. This year, as Jews around the world mark the holiday with storytelling and rituals, the memories of past atrocities and the recent Hamas massacre weigh heavily on their hearts. The deadly attack on October 7th left over 1,200 people dead and more than 250 innocent individuals taken hostage, including Americans. The trauma of that day lingers, especially for hostage families during this Passover season.

In response to this tragedy, the administration is working tirelessly to secure the release of the hostages, establish a ceasefire in Gaza, and promote a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians. Furthermore, efforts to combat the rise of Antisemitism, both online and in communities, are being prioritized through the implementation of the National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism.

As we reflect on the themes of Passover, let us draw strength from the belief in God’s protection during challenging times and strive for hope, resilience, and redemption. Jill and I extend our warm wishes for a Happy Passover to all those celebrating this Festival of Freedom. Let us continue to uphold the values of faith, perseverance, and unity in the face of adversity.

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