Promoting Responsible Fatherhood with New #Dadication PSAs

In collaboration with the Administration for Children and Families and the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, the Ad Council has launched a new series of public service announcements celebrating responsible fatherhood. The latest PSAs highlight the stories of young fathers overcoming parenting challenges and striving to be active and present in their children’s lives.

The heartfelt interviews feature three dads – Alex, Jose, and Sammy – who share their “fatherhood firsts” and the emotional journey of fatherhood. The central theme of these stories is that a father’s presence is more important than perfection. The PSAs emphasize that while there may be obstacles, the effort put in by fathers is what truly matters.

The creative for the PSAs was developed pro-bono by advertising agency Campbell Ewald, with insights from real dads aged 16 to 24. Through extensive research, it was found that new dads face a common experience of new emotions and challenges but find the journey rewarding in the end.

The new campaign aims to inspire fathers to be actively involved in their children’s lives, regardless of the obstacles they may face. It reassures fathers that being present and making the effort is what truly counts. The PSAs will be broadcasted nationwide on various platforms, driving audiences to Fatherhood.gov for resources and tips on fatherhood involvement.

Partnering with organizations like the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, the Ad Council continues to support and celebrate responsible fatherhood. By sharing real stories of joy, sacrifice, and emotion, the campaign encourages and empowers fathers to embrace their role in parenthood.

For more information on the campaign and resources on fatherhood involvement, visit Fatherhood.gov. Join the Ad Council’s communities on social media for updates on impactful campaigns and issues in America.

The Ad Council, along with its partners and supporters, aims to educate, unite, and uplift audiences on pressing issues in the country. By leveraging advertising, media, and innovative strategies, the organization drives change on critical issues like mental health, racial justice, and gun violence.

The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse provides evidence-informed resources and tools to promote responsible fatherhood. With support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the NRFC assists policymakers, practitioners, and fathers in navigating fatherhood challenges.

Through various programs and initiatives, including Head Start and child support programs, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services supports responsible fatherhood and strengthens families. ACF programs aim to empower individuals and communities to improve economic independence and create positive impacts on children’s quality of life.

Campbell Ewald, as the advertising agency behind the new PSAs, brings over 100 years of expertise in creative development, media planning, and analytics. Recognized for their innovative work on behalf of clients, the agency continues to drive impactful campaigns that inspire action and accelerate change.

For more information on the responsible fatherhood campaign and to view the PSAs, visit the Ad Council’s website. Stay connected with the Ad Council for updates on impactful campaigns and ways to get involved in pressing issues in America.

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