RabBeats launches single-use vape with touchscreen

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 30, 2024- RabBeats, a leader in the vaping industry, has announced the launch of RC10000 Touch in the US, featuring an interactive touchscreen. The RC10000 Touch promises the perfect balance of innovation. It will be a worthy addition to the RC10000 series, guaranteeing an unbeatable mouthfeel and the latest in vaping technology.

RabBeats has taken the vaping industry by storm with the introduction of the RC10000 Touch, the first single-use vape to feature an interactive touchscreen. This device replaces the traditional model and promises a smooth and user-friendly interactive experience with intuitive features.

As the latest addition to the RabThey have released the multi-level vaping experience where adult vapers can be responsible and know exactly the nicotine amounts they are getting. The customizable atomization modes will let them switch tiers in no time, and users can adjust the modes from light mode, smooth mode, and strong mode.

To satisfy adult users’ diversified needs for distinctions in atomizing, Touch tailors a tri-level switch to select vaping modes. Light mode features the most delicate mouthfeel, while smooth mode strikes a perfect balance between throat hit and flavor reproduction. Moreover, strong mode takes full potential of the powerful device to deliver a strong burst of flavors and full-blown vapors. Users can easily switch by toggling on the screen.

Moreover, the device offers a strong burst of flavors and full vapors, designed to elevate the experience to new heights. Users can easily switch modes using the touchscreen, giving them complete control over the vaping experience.

The new product is the premier interactive touchscreen in the industry, offering adult vapers the opportunity to enjoy a three-level vaping experience through adjustable atomization modes. This unique feature not only promises an unmatched vaping experience but also sets a new standard of innovation in the industry.

In addition, the device has taken a step up in nicotine intake, vapor fineness, flavor balancing and reproduction, and aftertaste, making it a cut above the rest in the industry.

To improve the user experience, RabBeats has also carefully curated 12 unique flavors, ensuring that adult users have an unmatched and personalized vaping experience.

As RabBeats continues to expand, the RabBeats brand will convey creativity and imagination in its core values in the vaping world. Still, it’s important to respect that vaping products must not be marketed or sold to children.

For more information about RabBeats and its products, please visit rabbeatsvape.com.

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