RB-Y1: Korea’s First Bimanual Mobile Manipulator

Rainbow Robotics, the robotics platform company based in DAEJEON, South Korea, has officially unveiled RB-Y1, the first bimanual mobile manipulator developed in Korea. This innovative robot features a humanoid-type double-arm robot mounted on a high-speed mobile base, allowing it to perform tasks in various environments with agility and precision.

RB-Y1 boasts impressive specifications, including both arms equipped with 7 degrees of freedom and a single leg with a 6-axis degree of freedom for body movement. This setup enables the robot to perform diverse and complex tasks naturally, including tasks at various heights with a vertical movement capability of over 50 cm. With a driving speed of 2.5 m/s and 20-axis full-body control, RB-Y1 can execute high-speed turns and sudden accelerations while maintaining safe center of gravity control through its 6-degree freedom single leg.

Developed using core components from cooperative robots and AMR, RB-Y1 offers the reliability and performance standards of industrial robots. Despite its 22 axes (excluding wheels) making movement generation complex, the robot features a user-friendly teaching mechanism where data is transferred from an arm (master) to the robot (slave) for training purposes. Moreover, RB-Y1 includes a self-collision prevention function and a simulation environment for AI learning.

An official from Rainbow Robotics highlighted the relevance of RB-Y1 in the era of generative AI, emphasizing the platform’s potential to overcome limitations of traditional industrial robots in diverse industrial settings. The company has also shared several performance videos of RB-Y1 on its YouTube channel, showcasing the robot’s capabilities in dynamic driving, pouring water, and cup stacking.

The launch of RB-Y1 marks a significant milestone for the Smart Factory Automation Industry Exhibition 2024, where Rainbow Robotics aims to redefine industry standards with its cutting-edge bimanual mobile manipulator. This versatile and advanced robot is poised to revolutionize industrial automation, offering enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and performance.

For a closer look at RB-Y1 and its impressive capabilities, check out the detailed specifications and performance videos on Rainbow Robotics’ official YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Rainbow Robotics as they continue to lead the way in the field of robotics with groundbreaking technologies like RB-Y1.

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