Sakhyam: TEDx Speaker’s Campaign for Animal Welfare

Preethi Srinivas, a passionate individual and founder of the Befriend Cows movement, is on a mission to ignite empathy for bovine companions through her new book “Sakhyam.” Through captivating storytelling, “Sakhyam” aims to raise awareness and funds for these gentle beings whose plight often goes unnoticed.

The book invites readers to embark on a journey of understanding the human connection with cows, highlighting the companionship and resilience of a boy and a cow. Preethi’s inspiration for “Sakhyam” stems from her first encounter with bovine creatures, driving her to be the voice of the voiceless and advocate for their well-being.

The crowdfunding campaign for “Sakhyam” is now live, running until the end of April. Supporters can pledge their support to help bring this inspiring vision to life and make a difference towards promoting animal welfare and fostering empathy and compassion for all living beings.

Join Preethi and Befriend Cows on this extraordinary journey of empathy, compassion, and change. Let’s work together to make “Sakhyam” a reality and pave the way for a kinder, more compassionate world for all.

For more information about the crowdfunding campaign for “Sakhyam” and how to pledge your support, visit the project page. Media inquiries, interviews, and additional information can be directed to Preethi Srinivas at srinivas.preethi@gmail.com.

Befriend Cows is in the process of being set up as a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting animal welfare and fostering empathy and compassion for all living beings. Through corporate workshops, advocacy efforts, family experiences, and community engagement, Befriend Cows aims to raise awareness and build a more compassionate world for all.

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