Wednesday, July 10, 2024

SAS Decision Builder on Microsoft Fabric: Converting AI to Business Results

SAS Decision Builder, the cutting-edge cloud-based intelligent decisioning solution, is now available in private preview on Microsoft Fabric. This innovative tool allows customers to seamlessly combine multiple AI models, rules, and procedures into a composite workflow, streamlining the analytics life cycle to make better, faster, and more secure decisions.

SAS Decision Builder on Microsoft Fabric provides users with easy access to data from Microsoft Fabric OneLake, enabling them to test, modify, and run decisions all within the Fabric environment. This integration allows for quick adjustments to changing market landscapes and unique business needs, maximizing ROI on analytics investments through AI-automated decision making.

By deeply integrating key capabilities like Power Automate Workspaces and OneLake within Microsoft Fabric, SAS is delivering a cohesive experience for customers. Business analysts and domain experts can design business logic in an accessible low-code editor, utilize machine learning and large language models (LLMs), and tap into existing model building pipelines to deliver actionable decisions. Additionally, SAS Decision Builder’s governance features ensure decision flows are managed securely and comprehensively.

The integration with Azure AI Services extends SAS decision intelligence to support generative AI elements like LLMs within decision flows. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for personalized customer experiences across industries, such as unique call center responses, real-time next best offers in financial services, and fraud detection tools for IT professionals.

SAS Decision Builder workloads can help organizations improve security, reduce data breaches, and increase compliance in highly regulated industries. With the availability of SAS Decision Builder in private preview on Microsoft Fabric, users can leverage these advanced decisioning capabilities to be more productive, deliver faster insights, and make better decisions.

To explore SAS Decision Builder and discover how it can enhance decision-making processes with AI-powered insights, sign up for the private preview on Microsoft Fabric today. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform data into trusted decisions with SAS Decision Builder.

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