Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sechrist’s eHEAL & 3300HM Hyperbaric Chamber

Sechrist Industries has recently announced the launch of two game-changing hyperbaric products, eHEAL and the 3300HM Hyperbaric Chamber. These cutting-edge offerings represent a significant leap forward in hyperbaric medicine, integrating state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features.

First, let’s talk about the eHEAL system. eHEAL is an automated logging software that has been designed to revolutionize medical treatments. It enhances accuracy, promotes efficiency, and optimizes logging in hyperbaric treatments. The key features of eHEAL include:

Ease of Use: The software has an intuitive interface that allows easy operation, displaying and capturing chamber and hyperbaric treatment parameters in real-time.
Automated Data Logging: It automatically logs hyperbaric treatment data, facilitating easy report generation.
Multi-Chamber Connectivity: eHEAL can operate in Ethernet local area network environments, supporting multiple chambers on the same network.
Comprehensive Monitoring: The system comes equipped with sensors for capturing a wide range of treatment parameters, including chamber pressure, oxygen concentrations, and more.
Customization and Integration: Sechrist’s team works with hospitals to customize eHEAL for seamless integration with existing information systems.
Security and Record-Keeping: It features a dual-level security system for patient data protection and comprehensive event logging for accurate treatment records.
The second product, the 3300HM Hyperbaric Chamber, is a modern innovation in hyperbaric treatment environments that has been designed to optimize patient comfort and safety:

Advanced Design: The chamber boasts a patient-centric design focused on comfort and safety, featuring an innovative Patient Step-in Entry that allows patients to effortlessly enter and exit the chamber without needing a hyperbaric stretcher.
Enhanced Safety Features: Equipped with the latest safety technologies to ensure a secure treatment experience.
User-Friendly Breathing Systems: Featuring an easy-to-use Patient Air-Breathing System and a Patient Air/Oxygen Delivery System for patient comfort and care.
Versatile Compression Options: Flexibility to compress the chamber using either Medical Grade Oxygen or Air from either oxygen concentrators or medical air compressors catering to diverse medical requirements.
User-Friendly Operation: The chamber’s interface is designed for ease of use by healthcare professionals.
Both eHEAL and the 3300HM Hyperbaric Chamber are well-positioned to revolutionize the hyperbaric medicine field, offering unparalleled efficiency, safety, and user experience. Sechrist is committed to continuing its legacy of innovation in healthcare technology with these latest additions to their product line. For more information about these groundbreaking products, you can visit their website.

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