Thursday, July 4, 2024

Shincheonji Church Holds 1st Bible Seminar in Philippines

Shincheonji Church’s Chairman Lee Man-hee recently delivered an inspiring lecture at the Shincheonji 2024 Continental Bible Seminar Asia Ⅰ in the Philippines. The event, which took place at the Philippine International Convention Center, marked the beginning of a series of seminars planned for 2024.

During his lecture, Chairman Lee shared his personal faith journey, emphasizing the importance of understanding the era and reality of the time to believe in the prophecies within the scriptures. He encouraged attendees to internalize the word and become living embodiments of the Bible.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Shincheonji Church has continued to host online Bible seminars that have garnered global attention. The church has also signed MOUs with hundreds of churches in South Korea and overseas, leading to a significant number of churches changing their names to Shincheonji Church of Jesus following a Bible teaching exchange.

Looking ahead, Chairman Lee plans to lead additional seminars in Europe, Africa, America, and Oceania throughout 2024, culminating in another seminar in Asia. Each event will be broadcast live on YouTube in multiple languages, providing a valuable opportunity for believers worldwide to come together and engage with the teachings of Shincheonji Church.

For more information about Shincheonji Church and upcoming seminars, visit their website at Stay tuned for updates on future events and join a growing community of believers seeking to deepen their understanding of scripture and faith.

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