SmallRig’s Global Call for Entries for Welfare Image Award at NAB 2024

SmallRig, a leading brand in the video and scene-based product ecosystem, recently unveiled its latest product lineup at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) annual convention in Las Vegas. Alongside this showcase, SmallRig introduced the SmallRig Awards, the world’s first philanthropic imaging award initiated by an imaging scene product brand.

The SmallRig Awards aim to support impactful content creators by recognizing and financially backing visual storytellers dedicated to social change. This initiative invites photographers, video content creators, social documentarians, and photography enthusiasts from around the globe to submit their work highlighting the significance of public welfare. SmallRig’s CEO, Zhou Yang, emphasizes the power of imagery in promoting social responsibility and fostering acts of kindness and goodwill.

With over 700 products exported to more than 160 countries, SmallRig is a global leader in camera support, stabilization, smartphone rigging solutions, lighting systems, and accessories for imaging equipment. The brand is dedicated to creating all-in-one live streaming setups and providing innovative solutions for content creators.

The SmallRig Awards and the Visual Development Philanthropic Fund represent a significant step towards supporting positive projects and advancing social change through visual media. By offering recognition and financial support, SmallRig aims to inspire video content creators to produce impactful content that benefits the public and promotes kindness and positive change worldwide.

Zhou Yang believes that in today’s world, imagery serves as a universal language that drives empathy and influence. SmallRig’s initiatives are designed to contribute to this global shift, encouraging creators to go beyond entertainment and make a real-world impact through their work.

By establishing the SmallRig Awards and partnering with the China Public Welfare Image Festival, SmallRig is pioneering innovative ways to integrate video creation with public welfare advocacy. Through the power of visual storytelling, SmallRig hopes to inspire a new wave of creators to use their talents for the greater good.

For more information about SmallRig and the SmallRig Awards, visit their website and join the global community of creators dedicated to promoting social change through visual media.

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