Starbucks MY franchise operator: Boycott is not beneficial

Vincent Tan, the founder and advisor for Berjaya Corporation, recently urged Malaysians to reconsider the boycott of Starbucks Malaysia. Tan emphasized that Starbucks Malaysia is owned by BFood, a Malaysian company, and is not affiliated with Starbucks America. He also pointed out that a majority of the staff at Starbucks Malaysia are Muslim workers. Tan highlighted that boycotting Starbucks Malaysia would not have any impact on Israel or its policies, as it is a local franchise.

Despite Tan’s plea, RHB Group, a leading financial services group in Malaysia, advised investors to sell their shares in Berjaya Food, the franchise owner of Starbucks Malaysia, due to a significant decrease in stock prices. This recommendation followed a noticeable decline in foot traffic at Starbucks outlets, while other competitors continued to attract customers.

In response to the boycott, Starbucks Malaysia released a statement emphasizing its commitment to humanity and denouncing violence and hate speech. The company clarified that it does not support the Israeli government or military financially and stressed that it is a non-political organization. Starbucks reiterated its stance on promoting transparency and facts amidst misinformation circulating on social media.

As the controversy surrounding Starbucks Malaysia continues, the company remains focused on providing quality products and services to its customers. Despite the challenges it faces, Starbucks Malaysia reaffirms its dedication to remaining a non-political entity and upholding its values of inclusivity and respect.

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