Thursday, July 4, 2024

TCI Unveils Smallest Filters Yet

TCI, a leading provider of power quality solutions, has recently introduced the 30A and 50A HGA Active Filters, expanding their popular HarmonicGuard® Active (HGA) filter line. These new smaller-sized filters offer the same high-quality harmonic mitigation in a more compact enclosure, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

The HGA Active Filters are designed to minimize harmonics to less than 5% total demand distortion (TDD) at the point of common coupling. By monitoring the load current and reacting immediately to changes, the active filter injects a counter-current to cancel out harmonics and synchronize current and voltage waveforms, improving power factor to near unity. This advanced technology allows one HGA filter to handle multiple non-linear, harmonic-generating loads, providing superior performance in a cost-effective and space-saving solution.

With a focus on meeting the rigorous requirements of IEEE-519 2022, the HGA Active Filters ensure top-of-the-line performance and mitigation while offering a lower cost and smaller footprint compared to traditional 18-pulse VFD or active front end drive solutions. Ashish Bendre, President of TCI, emphasized the importance of adapting to new market trends, stating that motors with integrated drives, such as ECM fans in chillers and fan walls, require a different approach to harmonic filtering. The advanced controls and power features of the new 30A and 50A filters enable seamless integration with various ECM and standard drives, providing customers with an effective and reliable solution.

TCI’s HGA Active Filters are available in sizes ranging from 30 to 700A and are compatible with voltages ranging from 208 to 600V. Featuring TDD reduction to less than 5% at full load, the ability to parallel units without calibration, and communication options through Modbus RTU over RS485, Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, and BACNet/IP, these filters offer a versatile and user-friendly solution for power quality issues.

For more information on TCI’s active filters and other power quality solutions, contact TCI at 800-824-8282. To learn more about TCI’s comprehensive range of products and services, visit their website at Stay updated on the latest news and innovations from TCI by following them on social media and exploring their industry insights.

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