Telna sells KnowRoaming to eSimplified, shaping the eSIM industry’s future

Telna, a trailblazer in global eSIM connectivity, announced the divestiture of its KnowRoaming brand to eSimplified, marking a strategic shift towards focusing on core strengths in cellular connectivity solutions. This transfer positions eSimplified as a pioneer in the eSIM industry, supported by private equity and led by experts in fintech and telecommunications.

KnowRoaming, known for its innovative SIM card sticker and Over-The-Air capabilities, will now be propelled into the future under the vision of eSimplified. Gregory Gundelfinger, Founder of KnowRoaming, expressed excitement about the strategic move, highlighting the potential for sustained innovation and growth in the eSIM roaming arena. The collaboration with mobile network operators will be expanded, focusing on enhancing the platform and network advancements.

As Telna continues to innovate and focus on technological advancement, eSimplified is poised to amplify the legacy of the KnowRoaming brand, maintaining its reputation for innovation and quality in the roaming space. Steven Kottler, Managing Director at eSimplified, emphasized the strategic enhancement of integrating KnowRoaming into their consumer market offerings, positioning them at the forefront of the eSIM industry.

Telna is a global leader in eSIM connectivity, offering a robust platform for mobile network operators and connectivity service providers to distribute eSIMs using an API. eSimplified, on the other hand, is dedicated to pioneering comprehensive roaming solutions that enhance user experiences worldwide, with a leadership team seasoned in fintech and telecommunications.

This strategic divestiture represents a new chapter for KnowRoaming under the wings of eSimplified, promising innovation and growth in the eSIM industry. For more information, visit http://www.telna.com/contact. For media inquiries, please contact Participation Inc.

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By aligning with eSimplified, KnowRoaming is set to chart new paths in the eSIM landscape, bringing advanced connectivity solutions to users worldwide.

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