The Bachelor’s Mistake: Joan Vassos as Golden Bachelorette

The Golden Bachelorette Season 1 is set to premiere in the fall of 2024 on ABC, following the success of The Golden Bachelor. The show will feature Joan Vassos, a 61-year-old mom who left The Golden Bachelor early due to family priorities, as the lead. While Joan is a charming and empathetic individual, some fans feel that there were better choices for the lead role, such as Theresa, Leslie, or Faith. The show could have made a bold move by casting an unknown senior woman, as they did with The Golden Bachelor lead Gerry Turner, to bring a fresh perspective to the series and potentially elevate the entertainment value.

Viewers can look forward to the historic premiere of The Golden Bachelorette as it showcases a senior woman’s perspective on love and dating. The show aims to captivate existing fans and draw in new reality TV viewers by choosing the right lead who can deliver engaging content. While Joan possesses likable qualities, other contestants from The Golden Bachelor, such as Theresa, Leslie, Kathy, and Ellen, may have been more captivating choices for the lead role. The Golden Bachelorette could have taken a different route by casting someone unknown to the public eye to create equal opportunities for all contestants and elevate the show to the next level.

Despite some reservations about the lead choice, fans can expect to see Joan Vassos in action when The Golden Bachelorette Season 1 premieres on ABC. The show promises to deliver engaging content and heartfelt connections as a senior woman navigates the world of love and dating. Stay tuned for the premiere in the fall of 2024 to witness the beginning of a new chapter in The Bachelor Nation franchise.

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