The Bricklayer 2: Aaron Eckhart’s Perfect Replacement Found for $532M

Aaron Eckhart’s action thriller, The Bricklayer, has the potential to kick off a new action franchise for the star. Following his success with Line of Duty and other streaming action movies, Eckhart has proven himself capable of carrying an action-packed film.

In The Bricklayer, Eckhart plays Steve Vail, a former CIA agent pulled back into action to hunt down a former friend. The film, directed by Renny Harlin, may have received lukewarm critical reception but has found success on platforms like Netflix.

Eckhart’s last action series was the Has Fallen franchise, where he played President Benjamin Asher. With the possibility of The Bricklayer receiving a sequel, Eckhart could have the opportunity to launch his own ongoing action character. The original book has a sequel titled Last Chance to Die (AKA Agent X), teasing more adventures for Steve Vail and Kate.

While Gerard Butler was initially attached to The Bricklayer before signing on to Olympus Has Fallen, Eckhart took on the role of Vail when Butler stepped back from the lead. Despite Eckhart’s departure from the Has Fallen franchise after London Has Fallen, The Bricklayer gives him the chance to shine as the central action hero.

Director Renny Harlin has expressed interest in continuing the series, and with a strong character like Steve Vail, the potential for more exciting adventures is high. Eckhart’s performance in The Bricklayer puts him fully front and center, ready to tackle more intense action sequences without needing to be saved by a co-lead.

With a successful foundation in The Bricklayer and the potential for an ongoing franchise, fans of Aaron Eckhart can look forward to more thrilling action movies featuring the talented star. As Eckhart continues to explore the action genre with projects like Chief of Station alongside Olga Kurylenko and Alex Pettyfer, the future looks bright for his career as an action hero.

Overall, The Bricklayer has set the stage for exciting possibilities, and audiences can anticipate more high-octane adventures with Aaron Eckhart at the helm.

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