Sunday, July 7, 2024

The Impact of Election Season on Mental Health and Coping Strategies

As we approach Super Tuesday and gear up for the upcoming presidential election, many individuals are experiencing a rise in anxiety due to what is known as election stress disorder. While not an official diagnosis, election stress disorder is a real phenomenon that impacts a significant portion of the population, with findings showing a substantial increase in anxiety levels surrounding the 2020 election compared to previous years. This anxiety is even more pronounced in minority and marginalized communities.

The stress of elections can have a significant impact on individuals with pre-existing mental health conditions, leading to an increase in office visits for mental health support and medication usage. As we near Super Tuesday on March 5, where fifteen states will cast primary votes, it is essential to be aware of how the upcoming election may affect your mental well-being.

Although politics can be a major source of stress and anxiety, engaging in voting and civic activities can actually improve your mental health. Research suggests that young adults who participate in voting have lower rates of depression throughout their lives. Voting can also help individuals feel more connected to their values and community, providing a sense of empowerment and inclusion.

To ensure that you engage in voting and Super Tuesday in a healthy manner, it is important to plan ahead with your care team, unplug from constant election coverage, avoid fixating on things beyond your control, and engage socially and civically within your community. Remember to be non-judgmental about your feelings and give yourself compassion during this stressful time.

For more information on mental health support during election season, visit Mindpath Health, a leading provider of outpatient behavioral health services offering in-person and telehealth visits. With locations across multiple states, including Arizona, California, Florida, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas, Mindpath Health provides comprehensive care to support your mental well-being.

Partner with Mindpath Health to navigate the stresses of election season and prioritize your mental health. Visit to schedule an appointment and learn more about the services offered, including TMS therapy in select states and Mindpath On Demand urgent therapy and psychiatry in North Carolina. Remember, your mental health is important, especially during times of increased stress like elections.


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