Tianliculum: Tailoring Your Education Options

The “Education, Technology, and Talents” 2024 Science Education Innovation and Integrated Development Forum recently took place in Chengdu, hosted by Tianli Education Group. The forum brought together experts and scholars to explore the frontiers of scientific education, with a focus on the Tianliculum system developed by Tianli Education.

The Tianliculum system is centered on scientific literacy and consists of four key programs: Tianliculum Preschool Program, Tianliculum Elementary Program, Tianliculum Junior Program, and Tianliculum Synergized Program. These programs cater to students from kindergarten to junior school, offering innovative international course projects to meet the educational needs of students at different stages.

One of the core aspects of the Tianliculum is the cultivation of “Tianli Seven Competencies,” which include Physical Fitness, Resolute Mind, Ethical Morality, Academic Success, Action Oriented, Creative Thinking, and Social Service. These competencies are integrated into all courses and activities, ensuring a holistic development of students.

The educational approach of the Tianliculum is likened to an “educational restaurant,” with national compulsory courses like Chinese, mathematics, and English as the main dishes. Moral education serves as the staple food, while large-scale activities are the hard dishes that enhance practical skills and team collaboration. The learning environment, like elegant tableware, provides a comfortable setting for students to thrive.

A key feature of the Tianliculum is its customizability, allowing educators to tailor the educational menu based on the specific needs of schools and students. Whether the focus is on academic achievement, specialty training, or quality education, the Tianliculum provides a comprehensive and balanced solution.

In essence, the Tianliculum acts as a high-end customized educational restaurant, offering a personalized combination of educational “dishes” to meet the diverse needs of students. With the Tianliculum system, students can receive the most suitable educational nutrition, achieving academic excellence while cultivating their talents and character.

For more information about Tianli Education Group and the Tianliculum system, visit TIANLI International Holdings Limited.

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