Top ‘Karen’ Housewives in the Franchise

The feud between RHOBA stars Garcelle Beauvais and Dorit Kemsley has sparked a conversation among Real Housewives fans about the term “Karen” being used to describe privileged women. Garcelle referred to Dorit as a “Karen” in a recent episode, leading viewers to question how Dorit’s behavior compares to other Real Housewives who have exhibited similar characteristics.

Dorit’s behavior has been scrutinized for being tone-deaf about her privilege, particularly in her interactions with Garcelle. Despite Garcelle pointing out how Dorit’s words come off as microaggressions, Dorit has faced criticism for her reactions and actions both on the show and on social media. However, when compared to Real Housewives like Ramona Singer, Vicki Gunvalson, and Kelly Dodd, does Dorit’s behavior truly match that of the worst “Karens” in franchise history?

Ramona Singer, an OG Real Housewife, has a long history of displaying behavior that aligns with the characteristics of a Karens. From belittling her staff to making racially insensitive comments, Ramona’s problematic moments outweigh her more positive aspects. Similarly, Vicki Gunvalson has been known for her demanding nature and racially insensitive remarks, making her a contender for the title of worst Real Housewives Karen.

Lisa Barlow, a fan favorite from RHSLC, has had her fair share of Karen-like moments, including being banned from a tanning salon for screaming at an employee. Despite her entertaining persona, Lisa has exhibited behavior that falls in line with the term “Karen.” Kelly Dodd, on the other hand, was fired by Bravo for her offensive comments and continuous display of Karen behavior, including spreading misinformation during the pandemic.

As fans reflect on the behaviors of different Real Housewives cast members, the question remains: do Dorit’s actions align with those of the worst Real Housewives Karens? Viewers are encouraged to share their thoughts on whether Dorit should be added to the list of Real Housewives who exhibit Karen-like behavior and if other cast members should have been included in the discussion. Let us know your opinion on how Dorit’s actions stack up against other notorious Real Housewives Karens.

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