Unilumin & Huawei Reveal Smart Pole Solution at MWC 2024

Unilumin Group Co., Ltd. and Huawei made waves at MWC 2024 by introducing the Smart Pole Site Joint Solution, a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at driving smart city transformation through cutting-edge ICT solutions. This joint effort was unveiled during a launch ceremony featuring industry leaders such as Dr. Larry Lee, Vice President of Unilumin, Eric He – CEO of Digital Site BU at Huawei, and Cui Dongfeng – Solution Director of Digital Site at Huawei.

The Smart Pole Site Joint Solution is poised to revolutionize urban intelligence and governance by leveraging the latest technologies such as 5G big data, ultra-high-resolution visualization, and multi-functional smart poles. This innovative solution, built upon Huawei’s smart pole site portfolio, is designed to promote the development of smart cities that prioritize security, sustainability, intelligence, and efficiency in city operations and governance.

In terms of security, the solution offers secure and efficient multiple services sharing utilizing optical and IP network slicing technology. By implementing two-way authentication between devices and utilizing wireless microwave technology, the solution ensures reliable transmission while reducing construction costs by 60%. Additionally, sustainable smart lighting and efficient incident response capabilities contribute to energy savings and streamlined city governance.

The intelligence and efficiency of the Smart Pole Site Joint Solution are further enhanced with features such as automated operations and maintenance, intelligent gateways, and unified IoT management. These components enable real-time fault detection, accurate fault location, and rapid incident response, ultimately improving operational efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

Overall, the Smart Pole Site Joint Solution represents a significant milestone in the advancement of smart city technology and urban governance. By combining Unilumin’s expertise in LED technology with Huawei’s innovative solutions, cities around the world can look forward to more secure, sustainable, intelligent, and efficient urban environments.

To learn more about the Smart Pole Site Joint Solution and its impact on smart city development, visit the Unilumin website. Embrace the future of smart cities with Unilumin and Huawei’s groundbreaking collaboration.

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