Univ. of Phoenix Doctoral Studies White Paper on Career Betrayal Trend

The University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies recently released a new white paper entitled “Betrayal: When Job or Career Leads to Disappointment” by faculty members Pamela Ann Gordon, Ph.D., and Julie A. Overbey, Ph.D. This paper delves into the concept of “The Great Betrayal,” a prevalent trend of worker discontent that has been highlighted in various media outlets.

In light of recent layoffs in industries that were previously thriving, many employees have experienced feelings of betrayal. This white paper examines the impact of this disillusionment on workers and provides insight into potential solutions for navigating this challenging situation.

The authors, both respected experts in their fields, offer valuable perspectives on the implications of feeling let down by one’s job or career. Drawing upon their extensive research and experience, Gordon and Overbey provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the complex emotions that can arise when expectations are not met in the workplace.

One key takeaway from the white paper is the importance of addressing feelings of betrayal and disappointment in a constructive manner. The authors emphasize the need for individuals to reflect on their experiences, identify the root causes of their discontent, and explore ways to move forward in a positive direction.

By shedding light on this timely topic, the University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies aims to spark meaningful discussions and encourage individuals to take proactive steps in addressing feelings of betrayal in the workplace. This white paper serves as a valuable resource for both employees and employers seeking to navigate the challenges of job-related disillusionment.

In conclusion, “Betrayal: When Job or Career Leads to Disappointment” offers a thought-provoking analysis of a prevalent issue facing today’s workforce. Through their insightful research and expert commentary, Gordon and Overbey provide readers with practical strategies for overcoming feelings of betrayal and charting a course towards greater job satisfaction and fulfillment.

For more information on this groundbreaking white paper and other publications from the University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies, visit their website today.

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