Viking Analytics & Bharat Forge Agree to 3-Year Contract

Viking Analytics Signs Agreement with Bharat Forge Kilsta for AI-Based Optimization Tool

A new three-year agreement has been signed between Viking Analytics and Bharat Forge Kilsta, providing Bharat Forge with the AI-based optimization tool “Smartforge.” The goal of the agreement is to reduce discarded products by 50% and contribute to energy savings and environmentally friendly production. Niclas Undén, CFO of Bharat Forge Kilsta, commented on the deal, stating that through AI technology, a difficult step in the forging process is simplified, resulting in lower scrap, energy consumption, and manual work. Stefan Lagerkvist, COO at Viking Analytics, expressed excitement about the collaboration and the opportunity to offer environmentally friendly AI-powered solutions to more factories in the future.

Viking Analytics, a Swedish company specializing in predictive maintenance and smart industrial optimization, has been revolutionizing the maintenance process since 2017. Their software tool, MultiViz, enables industries to operate, monitor, and understand their machines with precision and efficiency. Bharat Forge Kilsta, a manufacturer of forged and machined components for the automotive industry, is a key player in the industry with an annual turnover of SEK 1.3 trillion and 320 employees.

The collaboration between Viking Analytics and Bharat Forge Kilsta showcases the merging of steel and forging expertise with world-leading AI technology. The agreement is not just a business opportunity but also a step towards offering innovative solutions to the automotive industry. With a focus on reducing scrap, energy consumption, and manual work, the partnership aims to drive efficiency and sustainability in production processes.

For more information on the agreement between Viking Analytics and Bharat Forge Kilsta, visit the Cision website for access to downloadable files. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration and the future developments in AI-based optimization tools for the automotive industry.

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