Walnut Coding Supports “Programming Future” Event in Chengdu, Encouraging AI Learning for Students, Promoting STEM Education

Walnut Coding, a leading online coding learning platform for young learners, supported the Programming the Future event in Chengdu, China. This event, hosted by the Chenghua District Education Bureau, aimed to promote science and technology education among primary and secondary school students, fostering a passion for computer programming and artificial intelligence. The event attracted nearly 1,000 sign-ups, encouraging students to create AI-themed mini projects through graphical programming using platforms like Scratch.

One notable participant was fifth-grader Junyi Bai, who created a project titled “Police Catching Thieves” using block-based coding. Walnut Coding played a crucial supporting role in the event, showcasing its expertise in coding education. The platform is dedicated to inspiring a love for science and technology among children and making high-quality coding education accessible to all. Walnut Coding focuses on individualized learning through technology, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to cultivate creativity through programming.

Another student, sixth-grader Yuyang Mo, shared his positive experience with the event, expressing his interest in programming and independent thinking. Walnut Coding has also supported other events like I am a Little Astronaut in Xi’an, attracting thousands of students to showcase their love for aerospace science through creative programming. These initiatives aim to enhance students’ interest and passion for science and technology.

Mr. Yuhang Wang, Co-founder of Walnut Coding, emphasized the company’s commitment to inspiring innovation and a love for science and technology through coding education. Walnut Coding provides technical support for student programming projects across the country, promoting the development of scientific education. The platform offers fun and engaging coding courses covering various subjects like Scratch, Python, and C++, with interactive content and individualized guidance from learning assistants.

Founded in 2017, Walnut Coding has become a leader in coding education in China, with 7.2 million cumulative paying users as of February 2024. The platform’s courses feature adaptive software products with clear learning objectives, empowering young learners to develop crucial skills in programming. Through its dedication to inspiring young minds and promoting scientific education, Walnut Coding continues to make a positive impact in the field of coding education.

SOURCE: Walnut Coding

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