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What’s the worst that could happen in France?

In recent weeks, France has found itself grappling with a significant fiscal challenge that has become a central issue in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The European Commission is expected to put France into an excessive-deficit procedure, which will require politicians to come up with a plan to address the country’s escalating deficit and growing debt.

France’s deficit currently stands at 5% of GDP, a level that is reminiscent of the deficits frequently run by the United States. Both the country’s central bank and the International Monetary Fund anticipate a slow reduction in this figure. Moreover, France’s debt-to-GDP ratio of 111% is on the rise, drawing comparisons to Italy’s situation prior to the euro crisis in the early 2010s.

The stakes are high for France, as S&P Global recently downgraded the French government’s sovereign-debt rating from AA to AA-. This fiscal predicament has unfolded against the backdrop of Emmanuel Macron’s decision to call for snap elections, a move that could potentially lead to the ascendency of either the hard-right National Rally or the left-wing New Popular Front under his continued presidency.

As France prepares to navigate these economic challenges, it must confront the reality that it lacks the “exorbitant privilege” enjoyed by the United States as the issuer of the world’s reserve currency. This historical term, coined by French politician Valéry Giscard d’Estaing in the 1960s, underscores the unique advantages that come with holding such a status, including the ability to comfortably run high deficits.

Looking ahead, France will need to grapple with tough decisions in order to address its fiscal woes and avoid the ramifications of an excessive-deficit procedure by the European Commission. The outcome of the upcoming parliamentary elections will undoubtedly shape the country’s economic future and determine which course of action will be taken to navigate these choppy waters.

For the latest developments on France’s fiscal challenges and insights into the implications for the country’s political landscape, stay tuned for updates as the situation continues to unfold. This is a critical moment for France, and the decisions made in the coming weeks will have far-reaching consequences for the economy and the political environment.

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