White Castle’s AR experience on packaging

White Castle is entering the augmented reality marketing trend through a partnership with Borderlands, the Lionsgate film adaptation of the popular video game franchise. The fast-food franchise based in Columbus, Ohio, is releasing limited-edition retail and restaurant food packaging for its sliders featuring Borderlands characters, with unique QR codes that allow customers to access seven different experiences inspired by the upcoming movie, set to be released on Aug. 9.

The Vice President of White Castle, Jamie Richardson, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that sliders are perfect for enjoying while gaming with friends, pre-gaming before watching ‘Borderlands,’ or recapping the movie afterwards. Augmented reality technology allows customers to activate virtual elements through the QR codes on the packaging, creating a hologram-like figure that interacts within the phone camera’s field of vision.

White Castle’s use of augmented reality is a nod to the growing trend of foodservice brands incorporating digital technology into their marketing strategies. Other brands, such as Panera and Crumbl, have also experimented with AR experiences in the past to promote their products in an interactive way. For instance, Panera showcased its healthy ingredients through an AR advertisement in 2019, while Crumbl recently launched a new version of its app on the Apple Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset that enhances the AR experience.

By incorporating augmented reality into its marketing campaign, White Castle is tapping into a popular trend that enhances customer engagement and provides a unique and interactive way to connect with the Borderlands franchise. Customers can purchase the special sliders in retail locations or White Castle stores, scan the QR codes on the packaging, and enjoy a variety of AR experiences, such as interacting with iconic Borderlands characters like Claptrap. The collaboration between White Castle and Borderlands offers fans a new and exciting way to experience the upcoming movie and further solidifies White Castle’s position as an innovative and forward-thinking brand in the fast-food industry.

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