Yale Peabody Museum’s Mineralogy Galleries Reopen Featuring Private Collection

The Yale Peabody Museum has reopened its galleries of Minerals, Earth, and Space to the public with a stunning display of over 170 specimens, some of which are the largest and rarest of their kind in the world. The highlight of the exhibition is David Friend Hall, made possible by Yale alumnus David Friend ’69, featuring significant private mineral collections from the United States.

Visitors to the museum can marvel at a 436-pound stibnite specimen presented as a “frozen fireworks display,” along with a massive 1,900-lb quartz crystal from Namibia. According to David Skelly, Director of the Yale Peabody Museum, the collection is designed to inspire rather than lecture, with minimal descriptive labeling to allow the specimens to shine on their own.

With a recent renovation and expansion, the Peabody Museum offers a contemporary museum experience that showcases the natural beauty of each specimen. The upgraded David Friend Hall can accommodate up to 125 people for events and talks, featuring a dynamic visual display of both large-scale and small-scale minerals.

The Peabody Museum houses one of the nation’s oldest collections of gems and minerals, including the oldest meteorite collection in North America. The museum received generous contributions from various donors and lenders, such as the Yampol Family and The Mineral Trust, who loaned over 200 specimens to the exhibition.

One of the highlights of the collection is “The Rocket,” the largest elbaite specimen recovered from a Brazilian mine. Visitors can plan their visit to the Peabody Museum from Tuesdays to Sundays, with the museum closed on Mondays. Experience the wonder of these extraordinary specimens and be inspired to learn more about the world of minerals.

For more information about the Yale Peabody Museum and to see stunning images of the mineral collection, visit the official website. Plan your visit today and explore the natural beauty of these rare and unique specimens that are sure to leave you in awe.

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