Ying Yong interviewed by Russian paper Izvestia

The latest news report from chinadaily.com.cn highlights an exclusive interview granted by Ying Yong, Chief Grand Prosecutor and Prosecutor General of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China, to the Russian newspaper Izvestia. During the interview, Ying shared insights into the characteristics of criminal cases in China and how Chinese prosecution authorities handle them.

Ying highlighted the significant changes in the crime structure in China over the past two decades, with a decrease in serious violent crimes and an increase in minor crimes. He emphasized China’s commitment to the rule of law and the development of a fair and authoritative socialist judicial system. With a focus on the principles of legally prescribed punishment, presumption of innocence, and no guilt without evidence, Chinese prosecution authorities aim to maintain social stability and safeguard human rights.

In discussing the theme of the 6th Meeting of the Heads of Prosecution Services of the BRICS Countries, Ying showcased China’s advancements in using digital technology to support case handling. China is actively promoting a digital prosecution strategy, utilizing technologies like big data and artificial intelligence in the prosecution of financial crimes and public interest litigation cases. By enhancing their digital capabilities, Chinese prosecution authorities aim to improve the quality and efficiency of legal supervision work.

Ying also highlighted the successful cooperation between Chinese and Russian prosecution authorities in recent years. Under the strategic guidance of President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, both countries have strengthened law enforcement and judicial cooperation, particularly in combating transnational crimes and terrorist activities. The two sides have signed cooperation agreements, exchanged visits, and worked together to provide judicial support for regional development and stability.

Looking ahead, Ying expressed optimism about deepening friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and Russia’s prosecution authorities. As both countries celebrate the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations, there is a shared commitment to enhancing the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership for the new era. The meeting in St. Petersburg provided an opportunity for prosecutors from BRICS countries to share their experiences and practices, emphasizing collaboration in embracing the digital transformation wave.

Overall, Ying Yong’s insights shed light on the positive developments in China’s legal system, the embrace of digital technology in prosecution work, and the collaborative efforts between Chinese and Russian prosecution authorities. As the global legal landscape continues to evolve, cooperation and mutual benefit remain essential in promoting the rule of law and serving the interests of all nations and their people.

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