zkLink Nova: First zkEVM Layer 3 Rollup Network

zkLink, the industry-leading zero-knowledge (ZK) Layer 3 infrastructure provider, has recently unveiled zkLink Nova, a groundbreaking aggregated Layer 3 zkEVM rollup network. This new platform, based on zkSync’s ZK Stack and zkLink Nexus, aims to revolutionize the Ethereum ecosystem by unifying liquidity and assets from Ethereum and Layer 2 rollups onto one interoperable platform.

The launch of zkLink Nova addresses the challenges of liquidity fragmentation, complex multi-chain dApp development, and poor user experience in the Ethereum ecosystem. Vince Yang, Founder and CEO of zkLink, emphasized the importance of interoperability and how zkLink Nova is paving the way for a more open and connected network of chains.

zkLink Nova introduces an innovative “Aggregated Layer 3” architecture that leverages zero-knowledge proofs to access aggregated liquidity without the need to bridge assets across chains. This means that developers can now deploy their applications once on zkLink Nova, benefiting from improved cost efficiency and maximum liquidity.

For traders and dApp users, zkLink Nova simplifies asset transfers across Ethereum and Layer 2s, offering a seamless transaction experience. The platform is set to launch on March 8th, 2024, and will integrate with leading Ethereum Layer 2s such as zkSync, Linea, Arbitrum, Manta, Mantle, and more.

zkLink is backed by prominent investors like Coinbase Ventures, Solana Ventures, SIG DTI, Huobi Ventures, Efficient Frontier, and others. The platform aims to provide high performance ZK applications and a vast ecosystem for developers and users, solving the issue of liquidity fragmentation through ZK Proofs.

With zkLink Nova, developers can easily build and connect DApps to any Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem in minutes, ensuring Ethereum-grade security. The platform is designed to enhance the on-chain user experience, making it accessible and sovereign for all users.

For more information about zkLink Nova and its upcoming launch, visit the official zkLink Nova website. Stay tuned for the release on March 8th, 2024, and witness the future of decentralized applications on the Ethereum ecosystem with zkLink Nova.

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