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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

10th World Water Forum kicks off officially

The 10th World Water Forum kicked off in Bali, Indonesia, with President Joko Widodo championing the importance of sustainable water management. The World Water Council president, Loïc Fauchon, stressed the need for global cooperation and technological innovation to ensure water security and promote water rights. The forum also featured political sessions and youth-focused events, highlighting the urgency of preserving water resources for future generations.

During the opening ceremony, President Jokowi highlighted the Balinese Subak irrigation system as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, emphasizing the need for collective action to address water challenges. The High-Level Meeting called for countries to revitalize their commitment to sustainable water management and integrated water resources management.

Political sessions, led by Puan Maharani, President of the House of Representatives of Indonesia, focused on achieving water security through diplomacy. The Youth Plan Bali organized side events like the World Youth Parliament for Water Session to engage younger generations in water preservation efforts.

The Forum Fair and Exhibition featured participants from 17 countries, showcasing innovative solutions to water-related issues. The leaders also visited Ngurah Rai forest park to underscore the importance of conserving mangrove ecosystems. Minister Basuki Hadimuljono highlighted the presence of 10 Heads of State and other high-level officials, demonstrating global support for water conservation efforts.

The 10th World Water Forum aims to raise awareness about the critical need for sustainable water management and global cooperation. Through a series of events, including political sessions, youth-focused initiatives, and exhibitions, participants are encouraged to take action to address water challenges and promote water security worldwide.

For more information and updates on the 10th World Water Forum, visit the official website. Join the movement to become a “water warrior” and help preserve this vital resource for future generations. Together, we can make a difference in securing a sustainable water future for all.

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