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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

15 Movie Franchises: First Film Not the Best

Franchises often see sequels surpass the original film in quality due to changes in directors or styles. The Terminator, Captain America, and Toy Story franchises are prime examples of how sequels can outshine the initial film. Other franchises such as Spider-Man, the Wolverine Trilogy, Mad Max, and Evil Dead also demonstrate a pattern of sequels improving over the originals.

Traditionally, movie trilogies relied on a strong first entry before progressing, but with the rise of franchises based on popular IPs, more and more first movies end up being less impressive than the sequels. Franchises depend on creating a series of movies that audiences will enjoy, but many have only found their footing after the first film was released.

James Cameron’s Terminator series is a perfect example of a sequel surpassing the original. While the first film was groundbreaking in 1984, it wasn’t until Terminator 2: Judgment Day introduced the iconic T-1000 that the franchise truly soared. Similarly, the Captain America movies improved drastically when directors Joe and Anthony Russo took over, with The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War delivering excitement and heroics that exceeded the original.

Pixar’s Toy Story franchise also saw immense improvement in its sequels by delving deeper emotionally and exploring more mature themes. From the Harry Potter series to the John Wick films, many franchises have experienced a similar pattern of sequels outshining the original.

Overall, the evolution of sequels improving over the original film sets a new benchmark for the rest of the franchise. From Harry Potter to The Purge, these examples demonstrate how creative changes and growth in storytelling can lead to sequels surpassing the originals. By taking the core concepts introduced in the first film and expanding upon them, these franchises have managed to captivate audiences and push boundaries in filmmaking.

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