2024 Zhongguancun Tech Trading Conference: Global Innovation Standards

The 2024 Zhongguancun International Technology Trade Fair recently took place in Beijing, shining a spotlight on global technology trade and innovation. The event featured the innovative “1+10+X” model, showcasing an opening ceremony, ten key events, and thematic activities that brought together industry leaders to discuss and collaborate on the integration of technological and industrial innovations.

One of the highlights of the conference was the Exchange and Cooperation Meeting for Science and Technology Diplomats, where China’s latest scientific and technological achievements were showcased. The Forum Collaboration Mechanism for the Transformation of Zhongguancun Scientific and Technological Achievements, consisting of 50 members, was also announced during the event.

The conference emphasized technology transformation, focusing on technology, capital, and markets through the initiation of 11 projects involving technology transactions, investment financing, and strategic cooperation. Additionally, the event unveiled the List of Top 100 New Technologies and Products and the List of 100 Best Innovative Technologies for International Cooperation.

Throughout the trade conference, showcase sessions and partnership-building activities were organized to highlight high-end products in areas such as artificial intelligence, advanced chipsets, the metaverse, and humanoid robotics. Dedicated technology transaction meetings were also held with international partners from countries including the UK, Italy, Germany, Finland, Japan, and South Korea.

The 2024 Zhongguancun International Technology Trade Fair successfully brought together industry leaders, academics, and policymakers to explore new ways to drive innovation and create a globally recognized platform for international collaboration. Stay tuned for future updates and developments from this dynamic event.

Source: Zhongguancun International Technology Trade Fair.

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