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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

2024’s Top 10 Franchise Events: A Must-Attend Guide

Franchise conferences, expos, and trade shows are essential for industry professionals looking to expand their knowledge and grow their businesses. These events offer valuable educational opportunities and networking with industry experts, suppliers, and peers. If you’re looking to learn more about franchising or enhance your business, these 10 events are worth attending in 2024:

1. International Franchise Association (IFA) Convention in Phoenix, Arizona: This three-day event offers unparalleled programming and networking opportunities for global franchise leaders, with educational sessions, renowned speakers, and certification programs.

2. Franchise Leadership & Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia: Established in 1998, this event focuses on innovative tactics and foundational strategies for rapid brand development, featuring collaborative learning opportunities and problem-solving workshops.

3. The National Franchise Show: Hosted in multiple locations across the U.S. and Canada, this event is the largest franchise trade show circuit in North America, connecting buyers and sellers of sought-after franchise opportunities.

4. MFV Exhibitions: With events in various cities, MFV Expositions showcase franchises from different industries and investment levels, offering comprehensive educational programs and guidance on financing options.

5. Franchise Business Review (FBR) Summit in Denver, Colorado: Tailored for franchise operations leaders, this event focuses on addressing pressing challenges and finding tangible solutions for long-term franchisee success.

6. Emerging Franchisor Conference by IFA in Washington, D.C.: This event offers growth strategies and insights from accomplished brands, with specialized sessions covering development, operations, finance, and marketing for emerging franchises.

7. Restaurant Finance & Development Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada: Catering to restaurant industry professionals, this event focuses on financial, economic, accounting, and operational topics to stay informed about industry trends.

8. Great American Franchise Expo: Held in various locations, this expo connects franchise businesses with prospective owners and offers seminars led by industry experts covering essential topics like franchise law and financing.

9. Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada: Centered on delivering content and business prospects to multi-unit franchisees, this event provides practical solutions to contemporary franchisee challenges and networking opportunities.

10. Small Business Expo: Held in major business hubs across the U.S., these expos offer free attendance with seminars by industry experts, workshops for immediate business growth, and speed-networking sessions to facilitate new opportunities.

Overall, these 10 franchise events in 2024 provide unparalleled opportunities for education, networking, and business growth in the dynamic world of franchising. Whether you’re a prospective entrepreneur, franchisor, or franchise consultant, attending these events is essential for staying ahead in the industry. For more information on franchise growth and sales consultancy, check out The 1851 Growth Club.

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