AgileAI Labs, Inc. Teams Up to Expand Global Market

AgileAI Labs, a leading Generative AI software development solutions company, is making major moves in the technology industry. The company has been selected by the British Consulate Trade & Investment Division to attend London Tech Week as Business and Technology Delegates representing AI Innovation in the United States. This opportunity will allow AgileAI Labs to foster trade and investment partnerships between the US and UK tech spaces.

In addition to attending London Tech Week, AgileAI Labs has also joined the Mphasis Sparkle Program. This program, created by Mphasis, a global IT solutions provider, is designed to enable enterprise clients to co-create transformative solutions at scale. Through this partnership, AgileAI Labs aims to drive innovation and collaboration in the technology sector.

Founded by Scott Aziz, AgileAI Labs released its premiere Defect Prevention Tool, Spec2TestAI™, in early Q3 of 2023. This tool has already proven to reduce software development project costs by up to 40%. Now, with the launch of Spec2TestAI Abriz™, AgileAI Labs is taking its software solutions to the next level. This platform offers cross-project analysis, streamlined software integration, and the generation of testing and development assets in multiple code languages.

The partnership between AgileAI Labs and Mphasis aims to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality outcomes throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process. A key feature of AgileAI Labs’ platform is Spec2TestAI Abriz™, which enhances requirements and acceptance criteria while minimizing defects. Additionally, AgileAI Labs has developed an Affiliate Partnership Program to work with IT professionals and service providers around the world.

For those interested in trying out AgileAI Labs’ products, Spec2TestAI™ Paradigm™ is available for a 14-day free trial on their website. The company will also be releasing Spec2LiteAI™, a rapid test version, in mid-June 2024 for just $20.00 per month plus usage fees.

AgileAI Labs is headquartered in Manchester, NH but operates globally, reaching clients on five continents. Their commitment to innovation and collaboration has positioned them as leaders in the AI software development industry.

For more information about AgileAI Labs and their partnership with Mphasis, visit their website at https://agileailabs.com. And to stay updated on the latest news and developments, follow AgileAI Labs on social media.

AgileAI Labs, Inc.
Missy Trumpler

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