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Sunday, June 16, 2024

AlUla to host two camel contests

AlUla, Saudi Arabia, is set to showcase its status as a hub for traditional sports by hosting the Arab Camel Racing Cup and the World Endurance Championship in International Camel. Teams and enthusiasts from across the region are gearing up for these prestigious events, each offering multi-million SAR prizes.

The inaugural editions of the Arab Camel Cup and the World Endurance Championship will take place on May 3 and 4 in AlUla, featuring a lineup of top-notch thoroughbred racing camels. Organized in collaboration with the Arab Camel Racing Federation and the International Camel Racing Federation, these competitions will bring together the best purebred camels from 16 Arab nations to compete for generous prize pools exceeding 3 million SAR.

The Arab Camel Cup on May 3 will witness intense races among top runners, while the World Endurance Championship on May 4 will challenge an international contingent of camels and riders with a total prize pool of SAR 2 million. The two-stage endurance challenge will cover a distance of 16 km, with male and female riders competing in their respective categories.

These events align with the Ministry of Culture’s “Year of the Camel” initiative, celebrating the cultural significance of camels in Saudi society. Additionally, they support the Royal Commission for AlUla’s mission to promote the region’s rich cultural heritage and traditional sports, contributing to socio-economic growth within AlUla and north-west Arabia.

As AlUla continues to establish itself as a premier destination for traditional sports, the Arab Camel Cup and World Endurance Championship are expected to draw an international audience of spectators and enthusiasts. These competitions not only highlight the allure of camel racing and endurance challenges but also underscore the region’s commitment to preserving its cultural legacy.

Ziad Alsuhaibani, sports director of the Royal Commission for AlUla, expressed excitement about hosting these events and welcoming top teams, owners, and riders to showcase their skills in traditional sports. These competitions will add to AlUla’s diverse calendar of cultural and sporting events, providing new opportunities for growth and investment in the traditional sports sector.

The Royal Commission for AlUla, established in 2017, is dedicated to preserving and developing the region’s natural and cultural heritage while promoting sustainable urban and economic development. By organizing events like the Arab Camel Cup and World Endurance Championship, RCU aims to position AlUla as a vibrant destination that celebrates its historical and cultural treasures.

For more information, visit and stay tuned for updates on these exciting traditional sports events in AlUla.

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