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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

ARX Advisory Releases 2022 Annual Report Featuring Israeli Companies Listed on TSX & TSX-V

ARX Advisory, a leading data-driven capital markets advisory based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has recently released its annual report for 2022, focusing on Israeli companies listed on the TSX and TSX-V exchanges in Canada. The report provides valuable insights into the performance and trends of Israeli companies in the Canadian market.

One key highlight from the report is the notable increase in Israeli companies choosing to go public on TMX exchanges, with a 50% increase in listings observed in 2022. Additionally, there has been a significant shift of Israeli companies graduating from the TSX-V to the TSX, indicating the maturity and growth of these companies within the Canadian market. Currently, 77.8% of Israeli listed companies are on the TSX-V, while 22.2% are on the TSX.

The report also sheds light on the top performing Israeli stocks on these exchanges, including SuperBuzz Inc., Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd., and NurExone Biologic Inc. Interestingly, two of these companies were listed in 2022, and all of them are listed on the TSX-V. Furthermore, the report reveals that approximately 66% of Israeli listed companies are in the technology or life science sectors. Despite representing only 0.82% of global listings, Israeli technology companies make up around 4.8% of all technology listings.

While Israeli companies have seen success in listing on the TMX exchanges, the report also highlights their underperformance in comparison to the overall TMX market. This is attributed to the lack of pre and post-listing market support and foundational corporate strategy in building demand and familiarity within the Canadian investor community. To address this challenge, the report recommends that Israeli companies invest in advanced investor communications and data-driven analysis tools to better connect with Canadian investors and build a strong business narrative that resonates with them.

Readers interested in gaining deeper insights into the performance of Israeli companies on the TSX and TSX-V exchanges can access the full report by clicking here:

ARX Advisory is an Israel-based strategic advisory firm that specializes in enabling data-driven decision-making and growth for companies. The team at ARX consists of veterans of Israel’s elite intelligence and combat units, providing expertise in consulting capital markets facing companies and guiding them through the challenges of navigating the public-market waters. The firm is led by Chief Executive Officer Rotem Gantz, Chief Operations Officer Nimrod Okon, and Chief Strategy Officer Yehuda Leibler.

For full disclaimers and disclosures, readers are encouraged to visit the report page linked here:

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