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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Author Duke Johnson’s new article, “Creative Currency Octaves and Universal Basic Income,” announced by Royal Griffin Publishing

A revolutionary economic concept known as Creative Currency Octaves (CCO) is gaining attention as one of the most promising solutions to extreme wealth imbalance and the best possible monetary system. Duke Johnson, the visionary behind this concept, describes it as an innovative approach designed to eliminate extreme poverty, encourage economic innovation and participation, and mitigate inflation when compared to Universal Basic Income (UBI) with the primary currency.

In a nutshell, CCO involves the distribution of basic units that can be redeemed at a 1:1 ratio to the primary currency. These units can only be spent on essential needs such as housing, food, utilities, and non-luxury transportation. They are distributed as part of a basic income to all citizens, with the unique feature that they expire after a certain period. Once expired, creative collective members can convert them into the primary currency at a personalized multiplier rate, depending on their level of contribution to the collective.

The concept also introduces the Creator Collective, where UBI recipients can join and engage in productive activities to gain access to saving and trading expired basic units within the collective. Members have the opportunity to increase the amount of expired units they can trade in through a tiered trade-in scale, which offers fair and equitable incentives for their contributions.

Johnson argues that CCO is superior to traditional economic systems like socialism, capitalism, and communism due to its emphasis on freedom, incentive, and peace. He believes that the ability to peacefully opt out of the system, the social responsibility to prevent suffering, and the potential to incentivize collective prosperity are key factors that set CCO apart.

Compared to traditional UBI, Johnson suggests that CCO offers a more sustainable and equitable approach by creating a separate money supply for foundational goods and services, rather than relying on the fluctuating global markets. He also proposes that the system could be funded without the need for taxes, by creating both UBI and primary currency from the treasury.

Johnson’s ultimate goal is to create a compassionate meritocracy that continually improves based on expert economic opinion and public consensus. He believes that CCO has the potential to reduce crime, stress, strife, and extreme wealth imbalance, while also fostering a culture of development and support.

To learn more about CCO and other transformative economic, political, and sociological ideas, readers can access Johnson’s free resources on They can also connect with author Duke Johnson on Twitter @Author_Duke_J to engage in discussions about the future of economic systems.

In conclusion, the Creative Currency Octaves concept presents an intriguing and potentially transformative approach to economic fairness and sustainability. By incentivizing productive activities and fostering collective prosperity, CCO offers a fresh perspective on how economic systems can be designed and implemented to benefit all members of society.

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