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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Bek TV’s ‘Man in America’ Offers Unbiased Perspective on America’s Urgent Issues

BEK TV Unveils New Show “Man in America” Hosted by Seth Holehouse

BEK TV, known for its ground-breaking television programming, has just launched its latest show, “Man in America,” hosted by Seth Holehouse. The show promises to deliver an honest and in-depth exploration of liberty in America and beyond. Viewers can catch the show on weekdays at 3pm CT on BEK TV, or stream it online at BEK News. Plus, for those who miss an episode, a full archive of each show can be found at

“Man in America” is more than just a talk show. Holehouse sees it as his personal call to action in the midst of the issues America faces today. “I believe we are currently at war and that our country is under the threat of a communist takeover,” says Holehouse. The show aims to be a beacon for truth-seekers, offering a wide range of unique viewpoints seldom seen elsewhere. Holehouse believes that every individual, regardless of their political views, has the intelligence and discernment to make informed choices when provided with the right information.

When asked about partnering with BEK TV, Holehouse expressed his gratitude, saying, “The world is in dire need of independent media that presents facts as they are. That’s why I’m so grateful to be a part of BEK TV.” In an age where online content is at risk of being censored or canceled, BEK TV provides an unalterable platform, immune to big tech control.

With its commitment to delivering insightful and thought-provoking content, BEK TV’s “Man in America” promises to be a show worth tuning in for. So mark your calendars for weekdays at 3pm CT, or catch the show online at BEK News. And for those who want to catch up on past episodes, head over to for the full archive.

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