Bitrue Launches Secure Farming Pool for New Assets

Bitrue, a leading digital asset exchange, is launching its first Launchpool on May 31, 2024. This move comes after the successful launch of Bitrue Ventures, which focuses on AI and real-world asset projects. The Launchpool will provide up-and-coming projects with access to Bitrue’s large international user base of over 9 million users, helping them boost their market presence and enhance the value of their token. Users can earn new token rewards by staking their BTR, USDT, or other tokens.

Bitrue will conduct a stringent selection process to ensure that only high-quality and high-potential projects are chosen for the Launchpool. This low-risk offering prioritizes security, with staked assets and rewards returned at the end of the staking period. Users have the flexibility to un-stake at any time, with hourly reward calculations and distributions to minimize risks. Bitrue Launchpool is a cost-effective staking option with no gas or processing fees.

Bitrue Ventures, the newly launched investment arm of Bitrue, aims to support early-stage projects with investments ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 per project. By empowering promising projects early on and connecting them with Bitrue’s user base through the Launchpool, Bitrue Ventures plays a crucial role in Bitrue’s project support program.

For users interested in participating in the Launchpool, Bitrue has yet to reveal the specific cryptocurrencies available for staking. Stay updated on Bitrue’s official X account for further details and the first list of featured projects. Projects looking to participate can contact Bitrue for more information.

With Bitrue’s Launchpool and Bitrue Ventures, the exchange is paving the way for up-and-coming projects to thrive in the digital asset space. Join Bitrue’s Launchpool to access a large user base, boost your market presence, and earn new token rewards. Stay tuned for more details on the featured projects available for staking. Contact Bitrue for more information on participating in the Launchpool.


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