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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

BOXX Insurance partners with AXA for new cyber risk solution

Award-winning global cyber insurance company, BOXX Insurance, has teamed up with AXA to launch a unique cyber risk mitigation solution designed to provide crucial support for small businesses. Recognizing the importance of comprehensive cyber threat protection for small businesses, BOXX Insurance has created an easy-to-use solution intended to help businesses anticipate and prevent potential cyber attacks.

CEO and co-founder of BOXX Insurance, Vishal Kundi, explained, “Small businesses often face significant challenges in obtaining adequate cyber risk support, which can have devastating consequences for their businesses. Driven by our mission to make the world more digitally secure, we have conducted extensive research to understand the specific needs of small businesses. The results of this research highlight the importance of not only responding to and recovering from cyberattacks but also anticipating and preventing them.”

The new solution is focused on risk mitigation by enhancing small businesses’ ability to anticipate and prevent cyber risks in collaboration with AXA. Some of the features of this solution include:

– External Perimeter Analysis Assessment: Companies receive a cyber risk score based on analysis of their external attack surface, contributing factors, and a comparison of offerings from industry peers.
– Alerts in case of risk for identifiers: Users benefit from 24/7 dark web monitoring that identifies risks to identifiers such as email addresses, credit card numbers, and banking details, with advice on experts to respond to data breaches.
– Employee awareness and training: The solution provides digital risk assessments and cybersecurity training to assess exposure to critical risks based on business operations.
– Instant response wallet: In the event of a hack, users can access an instant response wallet for advice on what action to take.

According to Alfonso Zayas Satrustegui of AXA Seguros España, “Knowing that 80% of cyberattacks are due to inadequate security measures, this new solution allows businesses to proactively combat cyber threats. By providing real-time alerts, digital risk assessments, and ongoing training, we are proud to introduce this essential tool to support our commercial customers, starting in Spain today. By providing businesses with a dynamically updated to-do list for lasting protection and equipping team leaders with a progress tracking dashboard, we provide a powerful tool that ensures the digital protection of our valued enterprise customers.”

BOXX Insurance remains committed to its mission of enabling everyone to navigate the digital world with confidence. Through this innovative partnership with AXA, small businesses can now leverage advanced cyber risk prevention tools to protect their businesses and stay ahead in an ever-changing digital landscape.

About BOXX Insurance:
BOXX Insurance Inc. is a company that helps businesses, individuals, and families insure and defend against cyber threats. With international offices in Toronto, Miami, Zurich, Dubai, and Mumbai, BOXX Insurance is an award-winning global provider of cyber insurance and cyber protection. BOXX’s mission is to empower everyone to navigate the digital world with confidence and build a lasting legacy by creating real, positive change for customers and partners. With BOXX solutions and services, businesses, families, and individuals around the world can improve their digital health and insure against cyber threats. For more information, visit [website].

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