Calls for state inquiry after Sandra Doorley’s traffic stop

The Rochester City Council has united in their call for an investigation into Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley’s behavior during a recent traffic stop in Webster, New York. Doorley was caught on camera speeding and refusing to pull over for a police officer, leading to a tense confrontation where she cursed at the officer and attempted to avoid receiving a ticket.

The Council members believe that Doorley’s actions during the traffic stop raise serious concerns about her fitness to serve as District Attorney and are calling on New York State Attorney General Letitia James to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter. They argue that Doorley’s behavior undermines the credibility and integrity of the justice system and erodes public trust.

The release of body camera footage from the Webster Police Department has sparked controversy and has led to questions about Doorley’s judgment and adherence to the law. The Council members emphasize that it is essential to determine whether Doorley’s actions during the traffic stop are indicative of broader issues that could impact the fair administration of justice in Monroe County.

As a multimedia journalist and reporter at The Democrat & Chronicle, Robert Bell provides insightful coverage of this developing story. Born in Rochester, with roots in Philadelphia and a background in film from Los Angeles, Bell brings a unique perspective to his reporting. Follow him on X and IG at @byrobbell for the latest updates on this case.

Overall, the call for an investigation into District Attorney Doorley’s behavior during the traffic stop highlights the importance of upholding standards of professionalism and accountability in law enforcement. The City Council’s letter to the Attorney General serves as a reminder that public officials, regardless of their status, are subject to scrutiny and should be held to the highest ethical standards. Stay tuned for further developments on this story as it unfolds.

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