China doubles efforts to deepen reform amid modernization efforts.

China is making significant strides in deepening reform and advancing Chinese modernization, as highlighted by President Xi Jinping during a recent inspection tour in Shandong Province. Rizhao Port, a key global transshipment hub for energy and raw materials, is a testament to China’s commitment to modernization and innovation, ranking as the top port group in the world with a total cargo throughput exceeding 1.7 billion tonnes.

President Xi emphasized the importance of reform as a driving force for development, particularly in improving the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and modernizing governance. China has made notable progress in economic, political, and cultural system reforms, showcasing its dedication to enhancing national governance and capabilities.

One of the key focuses of the reform efforts is to address the most pressing needs of the people, ensuring that the benefits of reform are equally distributed among all citizens. Initiatives such as the Civil Code and the construction of affordable housing have significantly improved the livelihoods of millions of Chinese citizens.

Looking ahead, China is committed to identifying key areas of reform, such as employment, income growth, education, healthcare, and government services, to meet the aspirations of the general public. Through comprehensive reforms and targeted initiatives, China aims to provide its citizens with a better quality of life and promote comprehensive development.

President Xi’s visit to Shandong Province underscores China’s determination to deepen reform and accelerate modernization efforts. By addressing systemic challenges and prioritizing the needs of the people, China is paving the way for sustainable growth and prosperity. As a global leader in reform and development, China’s initiatives are not only benefiting its citizens but also contributing positively to global development and cooperation. To stay updated on China’s reform progress and modernization efforts, visit CGTN’s website for the latest news and insights.

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