China manipulating stockmarket to prevent collapse

Investors in China’s stock market have had a successful year so far, with the Shanghai composite index increasing by 13% since hitting a multi-year low in February. Despite a recent drop in the index, both equity analysts and state media are optimistic about the upward trend. This rally is seen as a positive development for Chinese leader Xi Jinping, as retail investors make up a significant portion of the market and were hit hard by a previous market downturn.

A key factor contributing to the market rally has been the intervention of the “national team”, a group of state-owned institutions that have purchased billions of dollars worth of shares to stabilize the market during periods of volatility. While this intervention has been beneficial in boosting share prices, the state has also implemented measures that may have negative consequences for the market in the long run.

One such measure is the halt of initial public offerings (IPOs) in an effort to bolster share prices. This decision has limited exit opportunities for private investors, leading to a more dominant presence of state capital in the market. This shift towards state control could potentially hinder the growth of China’s most innovative companies, as market distortions may restrict their ability to thrive.

Overall, the current market rally in China has been met with optimism and praise, with many attributing it to good governance and a stroke of luck. While state intervention has played a role in stabilizing the market, there are concerns that these measures may have unintended consequences in the future. As China continues to navigate its economic landscape, it will be important to strike a balance between market intervention and allowing for market forces to drive innovation and growth.

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