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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Christman Attorneys Rebrands to Christman Daniell Attorneys, Empowering Women in Legal Excellence

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, November 08, 2023 — Christman Attorneys is excited to announce an important milestone in its history: the rebranding of the firm as Christman Daniell Attorneys. This change reflects the influential leadership of Managing Partner Emily Daniell, who has been instrumental in driving the firm’s growth and success.

The rebranding of Christman Attorneys to Christman Daniell Attorneys marks a significant moment in showcasing the role of women in legal leadership, with Emily Daniell leading the way alongside Senior Partner Drew Christman. Drew Christman, Senior Partner at Christman Daniell Attorneys, expressed his admiration for Emily’s exceptional leadership and dedication to client service, stating, “Dedication, excellence, and an unwavering commitment to justice are the hallmarks of our firm. Emily’s exceptional leadership and dedication to our clients have been integral to our success.”

Emily Daniell, as Managing Partner, also shared her thoughts on this important occasion, emphasizing the shared commitment to exceptional legal services and recognizing the significance of a female attorney leading the way in upholding high legal standards. She said, “This evolution represents not just a name change but a celebration of a shared commitment to exceptional legal services. It’s an honor to lead as a female attorney dedicated to upholding the highest standards of legal advocacy.”

In addition to her management role, Emily Daniell is an experienced family law attorney, specializing in cases related to divorces, modifications, enforcements, adoptions, and other family law matters. The transition to Christman Daniell Attorneys underscores the firm’s dedication to legal excellence and celebrates the pioneering leadership of women in the legal profession as Emily continues to set new benchmarks.

Christman Daniell Attorneys is committed to providing exceptional legal services across a wide range of practice areas, with a focus on personalized and strategic representation to meet clients’ unique needs. The boutique law firm offers expertise in Family Law, Probate, Civil Litigation, Business and Corporate Law, Real Estate, Criminal Law, and Mediation. The firm’s highly skilled attorneys are dedicated to delivering intelligent solutions and results-oriented advocacy to achieve favorable client outcomes.

This rebranding represents a new chapter in the firm’s esteemed history, signaling a dedication to evolving with the times and offering exceptional legal services under the leadership of Emily Daniell and Drew Christman. With its unwavering commitment to justice and excellence, Christman Daniell Attorneys is poised to continue making a significant impact in the legal domain.

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