CoreX partners with NewSpring Holdings for ServiceNow Solutions

CoreX, a leading ServiceNow consultancy, has partnered with NewSpring Holdings to create a powerhouse consulting company focused on ERP modernization and workflow optimization. This collaboration brings together industry veterans who have a proven track record of success in the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Rick Wright, CoreX CEO, emphasized the importance of leveraging the latest innovations from ServiceNow to drive ERP modernization and create tangible impacts on companies’ bottom lines in a matter of months. With the backing of NewSpring Holdings, CoreX aims to expand its reach and provide top-notch services to businesses looking to enhance their operations.

The experienced CoreX leadership team, including Steve Dabrowski, Meghan Lockwood, and Ross Rexer, has a history of building award-winning businesses and creating a positive work environment for employees. With a strong focus on industry solutions and ERP modernization, CoreX is poised for growth in the upcoming year.

NewSpring Holdings, known for its successful investments in tech-enabled services sectors, sees great potential in the ServiceNow ecosystem. By partnering with CoreX, NewSpring Holdings aims to unlock the growth opportunities present in the market and drive value for ServiceNow and its customers through innovative solutions and strategic acquisitions.

Daniel Salvato, Principal at NewSpring Holdings, highlighted the complementary strengths of CoreX and the shared vision for transforming critical workflows like ERP modernization. The partnership between CoreX and NewSpring Holdings is poised to lead the industry with best-in-class talent and capabilities on the Now Platform.

As CoreX gears up for accelerated growth, Rick Wright expressed his excitement about the team’s dynamics and aligned vision. With a commitment to excellence and diversity, CoreX is positioned to deliver innovative solutions and drive operational transformations for organizations.

Business owners and ServiceNow professionals looking to explore opportunities with CoreX can visit their website or reach out to the team for more information. CoreX is dedicated to streamlining core business operations and empowering customers with the full potential of the ServiceNow platform.

For more information about CoreX, visit http://www.corexcorp.com. Learn more about NewSpring Holdings and their investment strategies at http://www.newspringcapital.com. Join the conversation and be part of the transformation with CoreX and NewSpring Holdings today.

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