DP Technology DevDay 2024: Large Science Models & Open Science Initiative

DP Technology recently hosted its DevDay event in Beijing, showcasing cutting-edge large science models that are revolutionizing the fields of atomic modeling, drug discovery, and molecular representation. The event also introduced the Open Science Initiative, a collaboration with industry leaders to accelerate the development of datasets, algorithms, and pre-trained models. CEO Sun Weijie emphasized the impact these models will have on scientific research and industrial innovation, particularly in drug discovery and battery development.

Among the models showcased at DevDay was DPA-2, a large pre-trained model for interatomic potential with a focus on atomic modeling and simulation. The Uni-Mol 3D molecular model saw significant improvements in predicting binding poses and drug interactions, while Uni-RNA demonstrated superior performance in RNA structure prediction and mRNA sequence property prediction. Additionally, Uni-Fold, the first open-source protein structure prediction tool, stood out for its accuracy in predicting protein structures.

The event also highlighted Uni-SMART, a tool designed to analyze multimodal content in scientific literature, providing a solution to interpret complex information like charts, graphs, and molecular structures embedded in documents. The suite of industry applications developed by DP Technology, including Bohrium® Scientific Research Space and RiDYMO® Dynamics Platform, offers support for industrial innovation in various sectors such as drug discovery and energy.

The Open Science Initiative introduced at DevDay aims to foster collaboration between industry leaders and AI for Science experts to accelerate innovation through open-source development of datasets and algorithms. By leveraging the expertise of partners like CATL, Alibaba Cloud, and Tencent Cloud, DP Technology aims to drive advancements in scientific research and industrial R&D.

With a focus on advancing scientific and industrial innovation, DP Technology continues to push the boundaries of AI for Science research. Through their array of large science models and industry applications, they are paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries in key areas such as drug development, energy, and materials science. To learn more about DP Technology’s initiatives and innovations, visit their website: https://www.dp.tech/en.

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