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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Easy Payment Services at 135th Canton Fair

The 135th China Import and Export Expo, also known as the Canton Fair, has made significant strides in improving its payment systems to enhance the experience for international participants. By partnering with various financial institutions, the Fair now offers a more comprehensive and inclusive payment environment, including mobile payments, bank cards, and digital yuan.

One of the key upgrades includes the introduction of self-service redemption machines and point-of-sale terminals that support international credit cards, making it easier for global merchants to complete transactions. Participants can now also access digital yuan wallets through exchange machines, streamlining the payment process.

To further support international visitors, major venues such as the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and exhibition centers have set up international payment counters specifically for foreign visitors. These counters assist customers in downloading and using Chinese mobile payment platforms like UnionPay QuickPass, Be Happy, and WeChat Pay. Additionally, they help link international bank cards such as Visa and Discover Global Network to enable QR code payments.

Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with buyers like Black from Jordan stating how easy and simple it was to exchange currencies at the exchange machine. Steve Neumeyer, Managing Director of International Products 90, praised the improved payment methods, highlighting the seamless experience it provided for participants.

Beyond the Fairgrounds, Guangzhou has also made significant progress in improving payment facilities for international visitors in commercial and tourist areas. The city now accepts over 90% of international bank cards in key areas and boasts a 98% acceptance rate for international bank card withdrawals at ATMs. Additionally, a vast network of local merchants has been established to accept direct e-wallet payments or facilitate the linking of international bank cards to domestic e-wallets for added convenience.

For more information about the Canton Fair and to register for the event, visit Don’t miss this opportunity to experience China’s rapid progress and explore unlimited business prospects.


In conclusion, the Canton Fair’s efforts to enhance its payment systems have significantly improved the overall experience for international participants. With a focus on convenience and accessibility, these upgrades exemplify China’s commitment to providing a seamless and inclusive environment for global merchants to conduct business.

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