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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Empowering Higher Education CIOs – Info-Tech Research

New Info-Tech Research Group Blueprint Outlines Key Steps for CIOs to Unlock the Full Potential of Technology in Higher Education for Long-Term Growth and Success

TORONTO, Jan. 29, 2024 – Institutions in higher education are quickly realizing the need to keep up with the constant changes to maintain a competitive edge. As the focus for many of these organizations turns to digital solutions for that competitive advantage, the role of IT in higher education often operates below its transformative potential. The result is a concerning pattern of IT professionals and leaders leaving their positions, resulting in instability and a loss of institutional knowledge essential for long-term planning efforts. Info-Tech Research Group, a leading global IT research and advisory firm, has published its latest industry blueprint, Elevate the Role of the CIO in Higher Education.

This research aims to highlight the pivotal role of chief information officers (CIOs) in driving meaningful change within the higher education sector. By empowering CIO’s and providing them with a stronger voice in strategic decision-making, institutions can unlock the full potential of technology, enabling sustained growth and success.

According to Mark Maby, Research Director at Info-Tech Research Group, “Academic leaders are actively seeking innovative technological solutions to drive their transformational agendas. CIOs in the higher education sector face a choice of either actively participating in shaping institutional transformations or choosing to remain as a steward of technology, overseeing IT as a cost center.”

Transformative leadership in the educational landscape presents an opportunity for CIOs to step into a co-leadership role by actively shaping institutional priorities and driving transformative change. By recognizing the crucial role of the CIO in higher education, academic institutions can foster an era of technological innovation and excellence.

Additionally, the blueprint outlines several key steps that CIOs in higher education can implement to assume their roles as transformational leaders:

Prepare to Lead the Transformation: Collect necessary data, conduct a leadership self-assessment, and establish the transformational CIO mandate.
Build Business Partnerships: Evaluate and prioritize potential partners, and create a plan to establish institutional partnerships.
Develop the Capability to Transform: Assess transformational capabilities and plan to address maturity gaps.
Shift IT’s Focus to the Constituents: Identify the value streams that support the organization’s key goals and map the capabilities that enable constituent value creation.
Transformational Leadership: Spread skill discovery throughout the IT department and model the office of the CIO to distribute IT leadership responsibilities and enable transformation.
Sustain the Transformation Capability: Build a dashboard to help track transformation success.

Info-Tech Research Group is one of the world’s leading information technology research and advisory firms, serving over 30,000 IT professionals. They produce unbiased and highly relevant research and partnered closely with IT teams to provide actionable tools to deliver measurable results for their organizations.

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