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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Evosep Reveals Groundbreaking Advances in Scalable Proteomics at ASMS 2024

Evosep, a leading company in the field of proteomics, has introduced groundbreaking advancements in scalable proteomics workflows at the ASMS 2024 conference in Anaheim. These developments highlight Evosep’s dedication to improving the efficiency and accessibility of proteomics tools, with a focus on accelerating drug discovery and connecting translational research to proteomics-based diagnostics.

One of the key innovations is Evosep’s fully automated workflows, which can process over 500 plasma samples per day. These workflows are designed to increase efficiency and throughput while reducing manual labor and the potential for errors. By enabling high-throughput processing of plasma samples, researchers can quickly screen large cohorts of samples with consistency and reliability. Additionally, miniaturized workflows help cut costs and reduce environmental impact, while also enhancing assay reliability and reproducibility. The WhisperTM Zoom methods introduce new levels of sensitivity and precision to proteomics workflows, allowing researchers to detect and quantify low-abundance proteins and identify novel biomarkers.

Evosep has also launched Evosep Biolabs, a Center of Excellence for High Throughput Proteomics. This facility offers automated sample preparation and standardized separation methods for plasma proteomics samples, along with access to state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS workflows and assay development by industry experts. Evosep Biolabs is designed to support the migration of methods between laboratories and contract services partners, providing scalable capacity for protein biomarker discovery and translational research projects.

Morten Bern, CEO of Evosep, expressed excitement about the new advancements in proteomics workflows and proteomic analytical services. He emphasized the goal of empowering researchers to make breakthroughs faster by meeting the increasing demands for higher throughput and greater precision in proteomics. These innovations are specifically designed to accelerate drug discovery, facilitate translational research, and foster the development of proteomics-based diagnostics.

Evosep will be showcasing these innovations at Booth #227 during the ASMS 2024 conference. Members of the media are invited to join a discussion on the future of proteomics workflows. For more information, visit Evosep’s website or contact them directly. Evosep is committed to revolutionizing proteomics research and unlocking biological insights to improve patient care and quality of life.

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