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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Gaines and Verbica Exchange Endorsements in Their Campaigns

In a recent exchange, Ted Gaines, Board of Equalization (“BOE”), District 1, and Peter Coe Verbica, CAGOP State Delegate and candidate for the Board of Equalization, District 2, have endorsed each other’s campaigns. Gaines describes their mutual support as “a firm handshake between friends.”

Verbica speaks highly of Gaines, praising him as “a proven leader who’s consistently taken a stand against wasteful spending, high taxes, and burdensome regulations.” He also highlights their shared heritage as fifth generation California natives, emphasizing their mutual care for the state and belief in its future.

Gaines, in turn, expresses his optimism about having Verbica join the BOE Board, citing the need for a fiscal conservative approach to counter Sacramento politicians’ tax-and-spend attitude. With no incumbent running for the office, Gaines believes now is a great opportunity for Verbica to be elected.

Verbica reciprocates Gaines’ praise, commending him as a man of unerring convictions who puts the people of California first. He expresses eagerness to serve alongside Gaines and contribute to the state’s betterment.

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The partnership between Ted Gaines and Peter Coe Verbica highlights the importance of collaboration and mutual support in the realm of politics. Their endorsements of each other’s campaigns underscore a shared commitment to fiscal responsibility and principled leadership. By exchanging support, they aim to bring about positive change in California’s political landscape, leveraging their combined expertise and dedication to the state’s welfare.

Gaines and Verbica’s collaboration is characterized by a spirit of camaraderie and a shared vision for the future of California. Their endorsements serve as a testament to their shared values and aspirations, reflecting a genuine desire to elevate the state through effective governance and advocacy.

As they continue to campaign for their respective positions, Gaines and Verbica’s partnership sets a positive example of cooperation and solidarity in the political sphere. Their mutual endorsement reinforces the notion that effective governance relies on partnership and alliance-building, transcending individual interests for the greater good.

Ultimately, Gaines and Verbica’s exchange of endorsements underscores the significance of unity and mutual support in the pursuit of a better, more prosperous California. Their collaborative spirit and shared commitment to principled leadership serve as a beacon of hope for the state’s future, inspiring others to prioritize cooperation and collective action in the pursuit of positive change.

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