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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Gaming Event in Houston – Free Admission

GameVana is excited to announce their upcoming free event at Happy Teahouse & Café in Houston, TX, where they will be hosting their Smash Bros Ultimate Championship. The event will feature a tournament at Noon to fill the last slot in their 2023 Championship, with the chance to compete for a cumulative pot from the year and a $500 POT BONUS. In addition to the tournament, attendees can enjoy vendors, free game play, great food, drinks, and a raffle. The goal of the event is to spread GameVana’s mission and work towards opening a Gamer’s Safe Haven, Neurodiversity Gaming Lounge in Houston.

Lori Clifton, the owner of GameVana, LLC, expressed her motivation behind the project, stating, “I am, and I have friends and family that are neurodiverse. I also have friends who are pro gamers who were burnt out by the negativity and toxicity in gaming. I wanted to open a safe space for them and others like us, to get back out and game in person with friends. We will accomplish this by creating a safe gaming space and community along with a quiet gaming area and sensory room. We cater to all kinds of games and all kinds of gamers.”

While the monthly pop-up tournaments have been successful in growing GameVana’s customer base, the company recognizes that they alone will not sustain the business. Instead, they were designed to help build a community and spread their mission. GameVana, LLC is asking for other individuals and businesses to donate to their raffle and Championship POT BONUS. Those interested can learn more about the event or register for a chance to compete for the last spot in the Championship by visiting their website.

The event is sure to be a celebration of gaming and community, bringing together gamers of all backgrounds to enjoy a day of friendly competition and camaraderie. GameVana’s commitment to creating a safe and inclusive space for gamers is evident in their mission and goals for the Neurodiversity Gaming Lounge. The company’s dedication to serving neurodiverse individuals and pro gamers who may have faced challenges in traditional gaming spaces is commendable, and the upcoming event is an exciting step forward in advancing their mission.

For those interested in supporting GameVana’s efforts or participating in the upcoming event, visiting their website and registering for the tournament is a great place to start. With a focus on inclusivity, community, and a love of gaming, GameVana’s Free Event at Happy Teahouse & Café is sure to be a success, and attendees can look forward to a day filled with fun, competition, and the opportunity to support a great cause.

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